The Anglona Romangia LAG conceived that it was possible to achieve the objectives of the project through the realization of film workshops aimed at the production of 17 short videos, one for each municipality of the LAG, and an animated short film. Local communities were involved in the conception, design and creation of the videos aimed at the promotion of the environmental resources and the historical and cultural heritage of the territory. Workshop participants collectively wrote and constructed the best narrative for the promotion of their territory and shot and edited a short video from the point of view of inhabitants of each municipality in the Anglona Romangia LAG, in order to create an emotional journey via stories, experiences and anecdotes of people involved in the initiative. In this project, local communities were encouraged to research and rediscover, through the camera lens, places, experiences and stories to tell in order to become more aware of their value and their uniqueness. The methodology of the workshops, led by expert Sardinian filmmakers, encouraged the participatory approach of local groups with citizens called to be active participants in a story that suggests to the viewer or visitor a journey full of emotions and experiences. Some of the material produced during the workshops was also used for the production of a short animated film about the territory based on the four main themes of environment, language, mythology, history and local identity.